Ham Cerezo distributions , we have our own brands that are characterized by their wide variety of products and high quality , accompanied by fair price thereof . All our production of sausage is made using traditional techniques and only natural drying . All this we back it with one of the best support services and monitoring customer is in the market. This is one of the keys for all of our customers , more than 5,000 throughout Spain , are we faithful.


Cerezo, una de las Marcas propias de distribuciones del jamón Cerezo.



Each of the products produced under the brand Cerezo can be considered a gastronomic gem , sausages and hams premium . Years of experience and strict control of manufacturing processes ensure the satisfaction of the most discerning palates. Reserved for the select restaurants and delis product.







Salmantino. Marca propia de Jamones Cerezo

Iberian pigs from farms of Salamanca , Guijuelo elaborate on these pallets and Iberian ham bait and bait field .

Guijuelo microclimate allows us to produce these parts in dryers and natural cellars , where they acquire the natural bouquet of a ham Guijuelo.






Crianza ibérica. Marca propia de Distribuciones del jamón Cerezo


Iberian hams and cured by hand in our dryers and natural cellars . Our ham teacher examines the characteristics of each piece to take care of all the process, from salting and drying to maturity in the cellar, where the thinning will bring color , aroma and flavor desired to each of the hams is done . An art .