Distribution of Wines and Cava

Cerezo Distribuidor de vino y cava Codorniu

Codorníu is the oldest family company in Spain and the 17th in the world. More than 460 years of history dedicated to the elaboration of wines and cavas of great value have led to own more than 20 prestigious brands and most market leaders in Spain.
At present, it has a presence in 5 continents and in more than 100 countries which makes them worthy of the highest international quality awards with more than 150 international awards in wines and cavas in the last 5 years.


Cerezo Distribuidor de vino y cava Vallformosa


Vallformosa, has five denominations of origin or, what is the same, five of the most prestigious wine regions of Spain to elaborate its careful selection of wines and cavas. Each Denomination of Origin with its own knowledge and techniques of elaboration, its customs, myths and legends, to make the most of the product of the land, the sun and the long tradition of a family of Barcelona winemakers. Taste the best moments with Vallformosa.


Cerezo Distribuidor de vino y cava LAN



Located in the heart of the Rioja Alta, synonymous with tradition and renowned quality of the raw material, Bodegas LAN, selects the most suitable oaks for each type of wine, which creates the bases that allows them year after year to make red wines of upbringing of marked personality, with a wide and growing worldwide recognition.





Cerezo Distribuidor de vino y cava Bodegas Faustino


The wines of Bodegas Faustino gather the love for the land and the know-how of a family of winemakers with a tradition in the elaboration of wines of more than 150 years.

Thanks to a careful selection of grapes and an elaboration combining tradition and innovation, today they are able to offer one of the widest and most recognized ranges of red, rosé, white and champagne wines appreciated by customers from more than 70 countries.




Osborne Cerezo

Bodegas Osborne is the division of the Group dedicated to the production and commercialization of wines, elaborated in Spain and Portugal. Specifically, the company markets wines of the most prestigious production areas, such as the Jerez Wines, Oporto Wines, Rioja Wines, Ribera del Duero Wines, Castile Wines and Wines from the Land of Cadiz.



JUVE CAMPS CEREZOJuve & Camps, is the expression of a privileged land, the Penedés, of a dedication and care to the vineyard, of a century-old history that, in three generations, has achieved a solid implantation of its family hold.

In the state-of-the-art wine cellar in Espiells, equipped with the latest technological advances, the base wines for the cava are obtained and the “Ermita d’Espiells”, “La Miranda d’Espiells” and “Flor d’Espiells” “, The latter fermented in oak barrels” Allier “, as well as the red” Casa Vella d’Espiells “and” Viña Escarlata “, baked in barrels of the best French and American oak.

In the underground cellars of the SantSadurní winery, Juvé & Camps, it breeds its faithful Cavas to the most rigorous traditional process. There are born and mature slowly such prestigious brands as “Gran JuvéCamps”, “Milesimé”, “Family Reserve”, “Purple Ribbon-Reserve” and “Brut Rosé”, until reaching the degree of perfection that characterizes the products of the Home.


Marques de Caceres Cerezo

The philosophy of this winery is based on the elaboration of top quality wines, in continuous evolution thanks to a remarkable policy of investment in innovation and technology but unrelated to fashions in order to offer the consumer a wine to enjoy and share without Shocks All this is based on its motto: “wine is part of our life”.

Already in the field of the elaboration of its famous reds, are the long macerations that take place in order to extract the full potential of color, aromas, tannins and structure. In addition, in their eagerness to enhance the expression of the grape, they adapt the times of stay in the barrel to the character that wants to print each wine, so they use 60% of French oak in addition to the American.




protos CerezoThe quality above all is the premise on which supports all the work of Protos. For this reason, the whole process is thoroughly analyzed until the wine is obtained. The vines are perfectly controlled by technicians and experts during the vegetative cycle, in order to achieve a maximum quality production and a thorough knowledge of all the grapes before entering the winery.

The harvest is manual in its entirety, and from a few years to this part 50% of the production is collected in boxes of 20 kg that are unloaded at the selection tables to ensure that all the grapes that arrive to the warehouse are completely and completely fury.