Distribution of Cheese

Cerezo distribuidor de Quesos COVAP


Discover a selection of unique cheeses that will reveal a variety of flavors, sensations and notes from their origin.
Characteristic for their great taste, texture and an unmistakable aroma, they are elaborated following traditional recipes and with milk of sheep under two procedures: With 100% raw milk, to give place to the traditional cheeses, hardy and of strong flavor; Or with pasteurized milk (retermaliza before adding the rennet), giving rise to softer cheeses.


Cerezo distribuidor de queso Boffard


The main characteristic of Boffard is that it is made with a combination of raw cow’s milk and sheep’s milk. In this way and after a cure of a minimum of 4 months in the cellars, the cheese is flipped, brushed and bathed in oil to achieve a soft aroma but rich in nuances and a flavor that makes it an unmistakable Boffard Cheese.




Cerezo distribuidor de queso don ismael

Cheeses Don Ismael is located at 25 km from Ciudad Real, a privileged area in terms of the situation of livestock farms and quality of raw materials due to short-cycle pastures and rich in nutritional components. That gives the milk a higher quality, which is naturally transmitted to the final product: CHEESE.
The modern facilities of Don Ismael, with high production capacity, product quality and exhaustive sanitary controls, make our cheeses to be demanded for their quality in much of Europe, where we are currently exporting, as well as other countries of the rest of the world.


Cerezo distribuidor de queso president


Since its inception, Président has had the goal of creating unique flavors and aromas, bringing pleasurable sensations to those who consume it.

Produced in more than 25 countries and present in more than 142 around the world, the Président cheeses will take you to live a unique experience in your palate and will fill your life with flavor.



CEREZO distribuidor de queso cadi
In the heart of the Pyrenees, protected by the Sierra del Cadí and joined by the river basin Segre, CADÍ manufactures with each of its cheese with designation of origin. Rectangular, cylindrical, creams … in Cadí you will find the cheese you are looking for.




CEREZO distribuidor de queso flor de esgueva cerezo


The elaboration of the Flor de Esgueva cheese has remained intact throughout history. Five generations of cheese masters always dedicate their know-how to a cheese with a unique flavor, made with raw milk from sheep, true to its natural origins and at the height of a masterpiece of craftsmanship.