Distribution of Iberian pork meat

Fresh Meat

Carne fresca de cerdo ibérico COVAP


The COVAP meats come from porks. Genuine animals, of premium breeds, raised in montanera and fed with acorn, possess a high genetic potential for the production of meat.

From birth, each animal receives individualized tracing. An upbringing with all the care and dedication of master farmers, a know-how transmitted from generation to generation.



* This is a temporary product of “montanera” season (from January to April)



Frozen meat

Carne congelada de cerdo ibérico de calidad

Imagine the great diversity of culinary ways to enjoy one of the wonders of our country’s food.

In the cutting of the Iberian pig we find different thin pieces, which at present are valued by the gastronomes for their taste and by the cooks for the high quality that it confers to their dishes.

The Iberian pork, by its racial condition, produces a meat with high infiltrations of fat. This infiltration makes the meat have a juiciness and a tenderness that cannot be compared with any other type of meat.


Carne congelada COVAP de cerdo ibérico de calidad
Our meat pork comes from 100% Iberian animals that have been bred and fed with acorn in Dehesas. Thanks to these unique environmental conditions, our 100% Iberian pork COVAP, acquires unique characteristics of taste and texture making each piece be an exceptional piece.





Carne fresca de cerdo ibérico Sanchez Romero Carvajal


The Sánchez Romero Carvajal brand is renowned for its high quality of products, for its elaboration in Jabugo by traditional methods since 1879 and for the extraordinary quality of its raw material: 100% pure Iberian pork bellota, raised in freedom in the meadows Spanish.